“How does one explain this beautiful woman. Perfection and a whole lot of WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.”

Dan, April 2019

“Miss Asia is a gorgeous lady, with a sexy body, a beautiful mind and lovely personality”

Paul, April 2019

“I have delved into the escort scene over the past year or so, much more in the last couple of months but I’ve not come across anything like this.”

Jazz, March 2019

“My time with her was nothing more that brilliant, the conversation was comfortable and free flowing, the intimacy was natural and freely given, her obvious enjoyment of our time was part of the reward”

Garth, March 2019

“…….. it was an experience I will never forget.”

Jaydj, March 2019

“Asia Lee is quite simply gorgeous, spontaneous and a pleasure to be with.”

Pete, March 2019

“Overall Looks : Beautiful, Overall Personality : Lovely, Overall Time : Fantastic”

Rumpole, Feb 2019

“In fact the whole thing really felt like I had known her for years, almost like a cheeky catch-up with an old girlfriend who’s in town.”

Awesomo, Jan 2019

“Asia Lee is an intelligent, highly educated sexual goddess. Her energy and passion together with her most engaging and lovely personality made my first private experience unforgettable, or as her website says … addictive.”  

Basilboy1962, Jan 2019

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